My Services Include:

Individual Counseling for teens and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, transition, grief and loss, trauma, stress, body image, and self esteem issues.

Couples Counseling to deepen communication and intimacy.

Mindful Awareness & Meditation Training for deep inner listening, wellness, and spiritual connection.

Assessment to help you better understand your psychological symptoms and plan a path to change.

Consultation for personal and professional growth.  For families or individuals, I provide consultation to help cope with traumatic experiences such as: death, accidents, or illness.  For professionals, I provide consultation for work place difficulties, team building, and leadership training.

Clinical Supervision for mental health professionals looking for ongoing supervision as well as one-time case consultation.  Together we can review your clinical work as well as explore your own goals for career and personal growth.

Telemedicine Counseling and Therapy for specific circumstances such as: clinical supervision, short term consultations and career counseling, counseling for eligible clients dealing with illness or transportation limitations.  Scroll down to learn more.

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Telemedicine Counseling & Therapy

Some of my services are available to you by phone or online, using a telemedicine platform, called  Accessible from everywhere - desktops, tablets, and smartphones - is a free, simple to use, HIPAA compliant technology.

Telemental health, telepsychology, e-therapy, m-health, is likely the largest segment of telemedicine users in healthcare because it is so flexible and can be utilized for a variety of client populations in mental and behavioral health.  ~

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